Wednesday, April 27, 2011

User to the Interface!

Back in December I completed a couple of UI Art Tests for a couple social game companies. It's been a while, but I figured I'd share one of them since I believe it shows a good breakdown of how I go about exploring and finding familiarity through the design process.

So the quickie version of the brief - take an existing design for one product (a social game item description), and find a way to better organize the information and immerse the user in a hypothetical "pirate" themed version of the product.

Below you'll find my proposed solution to the task. I attempted to make the design as frictionless as possible and infuse a good dose of textures into the overall aesthetic to set it apart from the other more typical "candy/cute" looking social games. Overall I spent about a day or two working through and creating these mock-ups, it felt it was a great exercise.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011


Finally taking the plunge and starting up one of these Blogger... blogs? I'm going to attempt to use this as a channel to post some of my more unfinished / in-progress works, we'll see how it works out. Anyway, It's been a pretty crazy past few months, but sometime between December and now I started on a personal project to mess around with Unreal some more. I never finished unfortunately but here's where I got: