Thursday, November 1, 2012

Bubble Safari

Back while I was working at Zynga I had the opportunity to help out with a couple of cinematics for the game Bubble Safari (Playable on Facebook).  Over the course of a few weeks I had modeled and textured various props including the plane you'll see below and several smaller props (gas tanks, rope, crates, etc.). It was nice change of pace at the time and a good way to round out my time at Zynga.

Check out Bubble Safari here (it's quite addicting if you havent played it yet):


I'm going to get a little crazy here and do two posts in one day... and i'm going to continue the trend of posting stuff I worked on a while ago.  Last week (or the week before) saw the release of a game I worked on maybe two and a half years ago... Retro/Grade for PSN!  I made some art for the game over the span of a few months (enemy ships and misc props) and its great to see it out now.  Check it out if you have a Playstation!