Saturday, March 24, 2012

Wedding Stuff!

Oh man - It has been a crazy start to this year already (Thus why my last post was back in November).  In under 100 days I'm getting married, so I figured I would show and talk about some of the art pieces Stephanie and I have been putting together for the wedding.  After doing a ton of talking and researching we decided we wanted to go with a more playful / fun style for most of our collateral, we are getting married on a cruise after all.  The save the date and website really speak to this, it's way casual, I am really pleased with how it came out.  A buddy of ours helped code it all up and gave it some awesome personality - the bubbles float to the top, fish swim across the page, rsvp online (except firefox :/) and the navigation is pretty slick.

A couple months after putting out the website and save the date it was time for the invites... which I was really procrastinating on.  I knew I wanted to class them up a little but also retain the fun / casual feel of the website.  Finally, one afternoon Stephanie got me to sit down and we cranked out an initial design.  After some debate and a few trips to the Paper Source / Jo-Anns we settled on some colors and textures we liked.  Plus all the little embellishments we chose went a long way too - the custom embossed stamping, tags and twine really made it nice (gotta give Stephanie the credit on that).

Anyways, yea, weddings are a lot of work, I'm glad to be getting closer to the "big day" and we only have a few other things to make before then...

In other news I've switched studios within Zynga! And! The last game I was working on is now out (It's actually been out for a while now), Hidden Chronicles on Facebook, but, I'll cover more in another post sometime soon...

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